Compliance with Legislative and Statutory Requirements

  1. In advertising posts and selecting employees, Care & Repair in Powys complies with the appropriate legislation.
  2. Care & Repair in Powys complies with the requirement of the Home Office for employers to check the entitlement of potential employees to work in the U.K.
  3. Care & Repair in Powys is able to employ under certain conditions a close relative of an existing employee but is forbidden from offering employment to a Board Member or to a close relative of a Board Member or former Board member.

How We Recruit Employees

  1. An Interview Panel is selected, comprising the line manager, a HR representative  and, where appropriate the relevant Executive Group member. If the vacant post is for a member of Executive Group the Chair of Care & Repair in Powys, other Board Members and other employees are also involved in the recruitment process.
  2. The vacant post is normally advertised bilingually in the local press and on Care & Repair in Powys’ website. For certain posts it may be decided to advertise more widely in the local or national press or in specialist professional magazines.
  3. Applicants are provided with an application pack including an application form, equality monitoring form, a job description and person specification for the post against which applications will be assessed, and general information about Care & Repair in Powys as appropriate. Applications must be made on Care & Repair in Powys’ application form for ease of comparison when shortlisting and to ensure that all applicants provide the same basic information. A curriculum vitae (CV) may be attached to the application form. Applications will not be accepted after the time and closing date stated in the advertisement. All applications will be treated confidentially.

How We Select the Successful Candidate

  1. The Interview Panel draws up a shortlist of applicants to be invited for interview. Each application is assessed against previously agreed criteria by at least two members of the Interview Panel, having regard to the job description and person specification. A shortlist of (normally) five or six applicants is selected for interview.
  2. Care & Repair in Powys is committed to meeting the obligations of the Disability Symbol and will interview all applicants with a disability who meet the minimum criteria for the vacant post.
  3. All applicants for the post who have not been shortlisted are advised accordingly.
  4. The shortlisted applicants are invited to attend for interview and are all given the same information about Care & Repair in Powys and about the Interview Panel.
  5. Candidates may be asked to complete a selection of tests and /or a presentation appropriate to the role.
  6. The Interview Panel interviews each candidate on the appointed day and decides on the successful candidate having regard to his or her qualifications, experience, ability and suitability for the post. Questions asked of the candidates are not discriminatory.
  7. All candidates attending an interview are eligible for reimbursement of their travelling expenses at the Inland Revenue approved rate.
  8. All Candidates invited for interview will be asked to produce their passport, or other acceptable documents, to enable Care & Repair in Powys to check that they are legally entitled to work in the U.K. This is to comply with Home Office requirements.
  9. All candidates invited for interview will be asked to provide documentary proof of qualifications
  10. The post is offered to the successful candidate as soon as possible after interview. This will be subject to references satisfactory to Care & Repair in Powys being received (It is our  policy to seek at least two written references in relation to external applications, one of which must be from a previous employer (or, if this is the prospective employee’s first job, their school teacher or higher or further education lecturer) and subject also to a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check where appropriate. The offer letter sets out the main terms and conditions of employment, the starting salary and the date of commencement of employment. The successful applicant is requested to accept Care & Repair in Powys’ offer in writing.
  11. Following the offer of appointment the successful candidate may be required to complete a medical questionnaire if reasonably justified for the role.
  12. Should the successful applicant live so far from the office that it would not be reasonable or practicable to expect him or her to attend daily without hardship, Care & Repair in Powys will pay reasonable removal expenses. Three quotations from removal firms will be required and Care & Repair in Powys will reimburse the cost of the lowest quotation.
  13. Following appointment of the successful applicant, all other candidates invited for interview are advised as soon as possible after the interview date that they have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

  1. Appointments to certain posts will be subject to a satisfactory DBS check. Included in this category are:
    • Posts that involve regular personal contact with vulnerable people;
    • Posts that entail a high degree of responsibility for financial issues;
    • Executive Group posts.
  2. Where the post to be filled is subject to a DBS check, this requirement will be included in the application pack.
  3. Care & Repair in Powys will apply for a disclosure only on the successful candidate. Any offer of employment will be made subject to a satisfactory DBS check.
  4. The requirement for a satisfactory disclosure will apply also to candidates from an Employment Agency, and to internal candidates promoted or transferred to a post that falls into this category.

If you would like any more information about the way in which Care & Repair in Powys recruits and selects employees please get in touch.