If you (or someone you know) is over 50 with sight or hearing loss or dementia then we may be able to help.

Our caseworker Pat Griffiths will visit you to talk through the practical problems you face in your home.

Everyone is different and every home is different, so how we can help will depend on your needs and circumstances.

Pat Griffiths

If we can’t help, we will try and find out who can and put you in touch with them.

This service has been funded by Welsh Government and is delivered in partnership with RNIB Cymru and Action on Hearing Loss Cymru.

It doesn’t matter if your home is privately owned or rented, what is important is that you will be safe, warm and independent.

Some examples of what we can do may include:

  • Advice on options to adapt or repair your home
  • Check what benefits you are entitled to
  • Help you reduce the risk of falls
  • Provide information about products that can help with sensory loss
  • Home safety check
  • Help you to access other support services

Please contact Pat Griffiths, Managing Better Caseworker for Care & Repair in Powys on 01686 620760 or e-mail pgriffiths@crpowys.co.uk