The advisory services of Care and Repair in Powys are free.

Please ask us for details of any other costs to you, regarding other forms of help and assistance.

If you have been referred for minor adaptations then there will be no charge payable by yourself.

Any larger home improvement work you require can be funded a variety of ways, depending on the grants and loans available at the time and on your own financial circumstances. Our experienced staff can advise you about local or national government grants or benefits to pay for the work, or tell you about other organisations such as benevolent/charitable funds that may be able to help you. Some funding organisations require us to assess your income to see if you will be asked to make a private contribution.

Our Caseworkers can help you fill out forms to apply for grants or loans. This will be free but we reserve the right to request a small administration fee from benevolent funders as part of a grant application, where appropriate.

If you are having major repair or adaptation work done in your home, we can help you to find reputable and experienced contractors who will charge a fair price.