Julie Morgan, the Deputy Minister for Social Services, paid a visit to Care & Repair in Powys to meet clients of the Mamwlad Project.

Mamwlad is funded by Welsh Government and supports people over 50 living in Powys, who have links to agriculture and farming. The service is delivered by Care & Repair in Powys and Age Cymru Powys in partnership.

Julie Morgan met two clients who explained how the project had impacted on their day to day lives. 

Mr Pryce is now able to get and out and about independently following a period of being house bound.  Having sold his cows when he first became ill some years ago, he is now able to help his son and has bought some cows again.  Mrs Pryce says that his mental wellbeing has improved enormously as a result.   Mr Pryce says that it has rebuilt his confidence.

Mrs Pryce is from a family of tenant farmers.  One of the challenges in Powys is the condition of rural homes.  This resonated with Mrs Pryce.  When a home is part of a farming business, it is more important for the livestock to be housed in high quality sheds than to invest in where the people live.

Mrs Westwood lives in an old rural house full of character and steps.  Thanks to a number of grab rails and some innovative solutions, she is now able to access her home and move around within it more safely.  Without these simple adaptations, she would not have been able to remain in her home.

Since its start in 2020, the project has supported 1,115 clients.

This support has included minor adaptations to homes, larger adaptations such as level access showers and income maximisation – more than £350,000 since April 2023 for the farming community in Powys.

There are many challenges facing the farming community, and the need for the Mamwlad service is ongoing.

Julie Morgan described her visit as ‘illuminating’, adding that she was now more aware of the complexities with supporting the farming community.

The current funding for the Mamwlad project will end in March 2025.