Client Charter

Care & Repair in Powys is an independent non-profit making organisation with charitable purposes.

Our mission is:

To ensure that all older and disabled people in Powys have access to high quality advice, support and practical services, to enable them to live as independently as possible in safe, warm and secure homes.

Our values:

Dignity & Respect

We treat all of our customers as individuals, with dignity and respect, and empower people to retain control of their own lives.


We work collaboratively with key partners and local communities to deliver excellent sustainable services.


We act in a way that is open, fair, accessible and equitable. We respect the views of our clients and colleagues. We put people first.


We aim to provide the highest quality service, and demonstrate honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do.


We value and respect the different cultures and life experiences of all our clients and colleagues.

Our services can be delivered over the phone, via email or a visit to your home

to discuss your concerns and needs. As well as repairs and adaptations we can discuss energy efficiency, paying for fuel, falls prevention, home safety, welfare benefits, and your general health and wellbeing. You will be well informed of the services available directly from  the Agency and other service providers we believe could also help.

Our Service Standards

We will:

  • Deal with your enquiries and communications as quickly as reasonably possible. We will endeavour to return telephone calls the same day and reply to emails, letters and social media correspondence within 5 working days. 
  • Give you the name of the member of staff who will be your main contact and keep you informed of progress and any changes. 
  • If a Healthy Home Check is required we will endeavour for your assigned Caseworker to visit you within 15 working days of referral to the Agency.
  • When a Technical Officer visit is needed we will endeavour to arrange this within 10 working days of referral to the Agency’s Technical Service. This often follows a Caseworker visit.
  • If a small adaptation is required and can be delivered by our in house staff then we hope to complete this within 15 days. Hospital discharge work is always prioritised.
  • Progress your case as quickly as reasonably possible and inform you of the up to date position and the timescale for future actions on your behalf. 
  • Do our best to communicate with you in a way that you prefer, to ensure our services are accessible.
  • Respect cultural and religious diversity and language needs.
  • Seek to recruit qualified Welsh speaking staff and whenever possible provide services by a Welsh speaker if that is your preferred choice
  • Seek to empower you to make decisions on how you wish to live in your own home by providing advice and options to resolve your issue/s and will support you in putting those decisions into practice.
  • Update you as soon as possible if we are unable to continue to help and endeavour to find suitable local services to meet your needs.
  • Review our Service Standards regularly to ensure we maintain robust quality procedures and continue to deliver the highest quality advice services.

Our Commitment to Client Care

We will:

  • Operate a Compliments & Complaints Procedure which is provided to clients during their home visit or available on request.
  • Consider carefully all your comments about our service. If you feel that you are not receiving the service that you hoped for please firstly tell the person dealing with your case immediately. If it is not resolved please follow the guidance in our Compliments & Complaints procedure.
  • Sometimes ask you to complete a feedback form or contact you to provide feedback which we will use to help us improve our service. 
  • Regard each client as an individual, considering your specific social and personal circumstances, as well as the condition of the property. This is to ensure equality of access to the Agency services.
  • Respect your decision to cancel or postpone works because of ill health or to follow government guidelines
  • Represent your interests and handle and keep your information confidential and private in line with data protection legislation.

To help us provide this advice we need you (our client) to:

  • Treat our staff politely and with respect.
  • Be open and honest with our staff to enable them to assist you in the best possible way.
  • Provide us with clear and accurate information or instructions. 
  • Promptly return any requests for information or signed agreements
  • Consider carefully our advice to you and ask for further information if anything is unclear.
  • Honour any commitments you’ve made to contribute or pay in full for any services undertaken on your behalf
  • Let us know any specific communication needs you have such as large print or text phone.
  • Let us know as soon as possible if you wish to postpone or cancel an appointment.

To discuss this document, to make a complaint or give us positive feedback please call 01686 620760 or email