Unique support for Powys farmers is on offer from Care & Repair in Powys and Age Cymru Powys. This is the only project in Wales where both organisations have come together to reach out to the farming community. Working together they bring years of experience in supporting older people to live independently and live well.

Anna Orton, Director of Care & Repair in Powys says: “Farmers are familiar with tapping into business advice but not so at ease with asking for help for their own personal needs. Like everyone else, farmers grow older and become less able to manage around the home and whilst many will have invested in the farm buildings, their home has been last on the list. We want farmers to know that they needn’t just “make do” and that our help is there so they can feel warm, safe and secure in their home.

Gail Hamer, Chief Officer of Age Cymru Powys says: “Every year we support Powys older farmers to manage farming with poor health. The funding from Welsh Government for Mamwlad allows us to extend that offer to many more, who may not know about how we can help. Our aim is to support older people to remain independent, to access support, to provide clear information and advice, and to make life a little easier”.

Welsh Government support means that additional staff have been employed to offer free home visits, no matter how remote the location. Respecting Covid guidelines, new staff, Elin Bowen and Gethin Edwards, have the time to talk to working or retired farmers or farm workers over 50 and find out what would make their lives better. This could be practical changes to their home, benefit entitlements, to reduce isolation or help plan for the future.

Both Elin and Gethin were chosen for this work because of their background, Elin from a farming family and Gethin is familiar to many Powys farmers through his previous business advice work. They both speak Welsh and are keen to hear from anyone who wants to find out more about the support on offer. The advice is free and that first phone call could mean that asking for help is the first step to greater independence and a more contented life.

Please contact either Elin at Care & Repair or Gethin at Age Cymru Powys:

Email: gethin.edwards@acpowys.org.uk Telephone: 01597 825908

Email: ebowen@crpowys.co.uk Telephone: 01686 620 760


Photograph Caption: left Elin Bowen, Mamwlad Caseworker, Care & Repair in Powys, right Gethin Edwards, Mamwlad Support Officer, Age Cymru Powys.