At Care & Repair in Powys we provide advice and practical support to older people or people with a disability across Powys who need to adapt or maintain their home.

For the last 30 years our aim has been to help people to remain living independently in safe, warm, accessible homes.

To support National Falls Awareness (week commencing 26 February) Care & Repair in Powys are highlighting the health issue resulting from falls which affects up to 460,000 older people across Wales each year.




Have you fallen or fear falling? Do you:

  • Feel more likely to fall but don’t know what to do?
  • Feel your inner strength, coordination and balance is weaker?
  • Feel you home is less safe for you to get around?


Falls are not an inevitable part of growing old…… unless we ignore the risks! To reduce your risks:

  • Tell someone if you fall
  • Try some gentle exercise – stay active, stay strong
  • Watch you step – be aware of trip hazards
  • Light up your living spaces
  • Take care of your feet and avoid ‘sloppy slippers’